Township Assistance

The Trustee's Office is responsible for assisting eligible residents, who find themselves in emergency circumstances and are unable to meet the basic needs of themselves and their family. An "emergency" is defined in guideline 1.20.00 as unpredictable circumstance or a series of circumstances that : {1} place the health and safety of a household or a member of a household in jeopardy; and {2} cannot be remedied in a timely manner by any other means than township assistance. (IC 12-7-2-76.5). The funds utilized by this office are, garned through property taxes, from residents of this township. 

To receive Township Assistance, a resident must follow the application process, as stipulated by state law. This process is detailed on this website. Eligibility is determined by following a set of guidelines created for Aboite Township from Indiana State Code. The guidelines are available on this website. A client, who is denied assistance, is given a list of referrals and has the right to appeal the decision through commissioner's court.

Assistance is provided in the form of a purchase order (or bus pass), to client. There is no cash or check payment made directly to client. Payment made to the vendor, for the benefit of the client, after vendor signs a contract with the township. 

The Trustee of Aboite Township takes great pride in helping our residents in a time of need, while remaining vigilant in the responsible use of taxpayer dollars.